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Unreal can be rendered with proper lighting, inevitably very slow and certainly with plenty of bugs left, but to get so much out of such ancient architecture is kind of admirable. For the second half of the year S3 aimed even higher with their first dual pipeline architecture with Transform and Lighting unit. Half Life is textured, but flat shaded and with own fair deal of transparency issues. The 10ns memory is ticking at MHz and core clock does not seem to raise over old classic models. Of course there are exceptions from the rule, for example Battlezone is properly rendered only by Trio3D, 2X adds funky colors on some surfaces and broken particles.

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Drivers for 2X are distinctively different and surprisingly compatible with some modern 3d programs. Even 3DMark runs – somewhat. However, much needed performance enhancements are nowhere to be found. That is rather cosmetic improvement since most of 2X cards carry 8 MB of memory, more than enough for such anemic architecture. S3 dragged Virge into times with no tolerance for lack of multiplicative alpha blending and such low performance.

Chrome series continued with less ambitious chips, wn98 few highlights being low power consumption and HTPC value.

There is a command interface, increasing bus efficiency and support for 8 Won98 of memory but neither of those can really help. Performance Finally how fast are those cards?

With TechlandD3D library I could get Quake 3 demo tested, however light mapping has to be disabled to get anything recognizable out of the game. The addition of subtractive blending is nice but insufficient.


Similar color problems are ruining Formula 1 and wkn98 troubles are seen in Falcon 4. This considered 2X with MHz memory is for me the most powerful Virge based card. Thanks to its aggressive pricing it spread even to gamers on extreme budget.

Experience Trio3D fixed Lens Flares, but added new issues. Half Life is textured, but flat shaded and with own fair deal of transparency issues. In spring S3 came with Savage4 and considering what it was, it showed quite a muscle and was actually selling well.

This puts it half way between MX and GX2 framerates, but image quality is up a notch. First Trio3D is a mess of incompatibilities, 3d drivers are just unfinished. Among complete failures are NHL 99, freezing Falcon 4.

S3 Inc. Trio3D/2X Free Driver Download

Many mistakes of older Virge are repeated: S3 came out of the closet and pulled back multiplicative alpha blending support that first Trio3D was failing in and old Virge could not do either.

Unreal runs, but with proper lighting Trio3D gives up 3c texturing, so I tested flat shaded.

HUD problems of Formula 1, bilinear filtering in Daytona USA is on strike, most of 2D art in Populous is invisible, broken reflection map and texture transparency in Monster Truck Madness 2, broken transparency in Motoracer 2, corrupted ground textures in Mechwarrior 2, Shogo suffers from disappearing textures, world texturing in Thief is still impossible.

Which makes me think the core cannot be clocked higher than MX, or some new features, no matter if correctly implemented, are dragging Trio3D down.

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For more screenshots see the Trio3D gallery. This long window was to be filled with yet another respin of S3d architecture. At this low point VIA, big partner still in need of integrated graphics, moved in for acquisition. But new hope quickly vanished when Savage failed performance expectations and the TnL unit turned out defected.

Well the answer is rather negative, reality is much harsher than exposed features. Good for geeks, but completely out of place in There are two clear reasons for that- different positioning and ancient Virge architecture. Savage suffered from poor drivers as well, but it was the right path. The 10ns memory is ticking at MHz and core clock does not seem to raise over old classic models.

S3 Graphics Trio3D/2X (/) (Windows 9X/ME) Driver – TechSpot

First disaster is a bit missing from texture colors and as many users of earlier ATi chips know, format is causing heavy banding. Then there are new errors like transparent objects in Incoming, transparent characters in Mortal Kombat 3.

After the release of last Virge in summer ofout featured and outperformed since day one, S3 was going to have a tough time because their next generation architecture was still one year away. However bad news ain98 retro gamers is lower compatibility with S3d titles.