December 20, 2018


High Definition content is also being pushed into the forefront by manufacturers, as the future in visual and audio quality. Select the highlighted link and press enter. Unfortunately, subtitles are not supported. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to secure the drive since the holes are at the bottom. The SZ has issues playing back specific Audio formats. Users have to set the same file name for subtitles as the video file test. If you leave the player without activity for sometime, a screensaver will be enabled:.

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SnaZio* Wireless MirrorCast | SnaZio

Overall, a good product at a reasonable price. During the limited time our network worked, we found that HD streaming didn’t work well, since playback was jerky. We are not sure what the cause of the problem was corrupt drivers of the Wi-fi Card, or Wi-Fi problems on the SZ?

You can also add a username to prevent unauthorized access:. Before we proceed with a description of the player, we will wnazio a little time looking carefully at the full specifications for the SZ player.

Below is a short listing of the main specifications for the SZ player. Note that several parts of this review are subject to change, due to the fact that frequent firmware releases can fix problems and incompatibilities.

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SnaZio* Wireless MirrorCast

Unfortunately, subtitles are not supported. A GUI inconvenience we found which was also present on the IODATA AveLink2is if a disc has many folders, when you enter a folder, move down its list of folders and enter the 5th sub folder snaazio example, when you then return back to the original folder, the menu doesn’t mark the 5th folder again, so that if you want to now go to the 6th folder, you need to scroll down all folders again from the top.

Trying to play back lower bitrates, will cause either distortion, or even lock the player. BMP files weren’t recognized by the player. Note, that WAP is not supported, at least with the current firmware revision.

DTV FHD Recorder DVB-T2

Going back to our player, we have to add the virtual server. Set-up a Wi-Fi No Player locks up, needs hardware reset! High Definition content is also being pushed into the forefront by manufacturers, as the future in visual and audio quality.

Initially, we were able to stream our digital content over the Wi-Fi network, either with WEP or with no security in place. On the other hand, playing DRM files, requires shazio additional steps.

Snazio NetCinema HD Player SZ – Printer Friendly version

Unfortunately, the GUI doesn’t use the full screen area, making long character filenames, hard to read. Moving further along, there is the 5.

The “new” DivX format. There is no form of equalizer but it isn’t something that should worry you. After looking around, we found an alternative URL address where someone could update their player. In order to test the SZ player, we used several encoded files with the most commonly used Video and Audio codecs.


Introduction Network DVD players are very common nowadays. Magravs Car Power Unit. The player supports many output modes and at various resolutions.

Enazio networking also provides an alternative solution to using the various connections available. Users can use any optical drive instead of the default EPO drive. By pressing the URL button on the remote, you can start typing the desired address.

Searching around the net, we found several complaints from other users, commenting that there must be a problem with the Wi-Fi. Media Server Software Platform and Updates. Listen or watch your favourite iPod music and photos like the way never before.

On the front, we can see the main power button, a small LED display, the disc tray and five main function buttons. Quickly press 1 to disable it or 0 to enable.