December 9, 2018


This is done automatically by the srbox plugin when the experiment finishes. I appreciate your time and input. Others please correct me if I’m wrong! Nov 08 Topic: You will need to change this for all objects collecting responses, but not for the object that collects the trigger response. And, even though it appears to work, for some reason we get consistent intrusion of “5” responses, when only the “1” and “2” buttons are depressed during the task.

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The original version, developed by Psychology Software Tools, has 5 buttons, 5 lights, and is connected to the PC trough the serial port.

SR Box // OpenSesame documentation

Small 4-button box on 3T Printed from: Let us know if you can’t. You can set your input parameters to expect button 5 as a trigger start signal, and then only pay attention to buttons for user responses.

Nov 08 Topic: I was wandering around the code just now and saw the same thing. Small 4-button box on 3T.

I just wasn’t certain if the 4-button box on the 3T was already dsvice to map out a keyboard numerical response i. By listing allowables and omitting 5 as allowable, it should ignore the 5 response. And, even though it appears to work, for some reason we get consistent intrusion of “5” responses, when only the “1” srnox “2” buttons are depressed during the task. The SR Box must be in sending mode when you call [srbox. It is connected to serial port COM1, which is probably the default setting.

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By default, the plugin tries to autodetect your SR Box. What would be the advantage of doing this other than avoiding having the tech to simultaneously press keys to start the scanner and task? Are the four keys for this box already mapped to the task computer keyboard?

Aug 07 2: Small 4-button box on 3T Posted on: The ePrime SRbox is not set up as a keyboard device on our scanners. There are also SR Box compatible devices by other manufacturers, which may differ in the number of buttons and lights and often use a USB connection, devive emulates a serial port.

Under Windows, the device is probably called something like.

I’m pretty sure the TTL pulses are sent any time the scanner is active, including during disdaq periods. However, on some systems this freezes the experiment, so it is better to explicitly specify a device. Thanks, Jeff Reply author: Closes the connection to the srbox.


Jul 24 1: Sends a single character to the SR Box. There has been some ePrime confusion this past week with the installation of version 2. I believe that is the standard ePrime arrangement.

I’d say the advantage of having the scanner trigger is one of precision — an automatic trigger is going to be more exact timing-wise than a person hitting both buttons at once by hand. Either way I’m pretty sure you will be able to adjust your settings to only accept button 5 as a trigger signal. Valid buttons are integers 1 through 8.

Jul 24 4: I’m not an ePrime expert but I suspect you do need to specify that you are using the SRBox device in the software. And, lastly, are TTL pulses “5” signals sent out during the disdaq period???

Aug 06 If this works, you sevice have to change it.